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Closer connections, deeper relationships, and dirtier hands are the motivators of my work.

From fire protection and watershed health to foraging and landscape maintenance, I have dug deep into the ecology of California to develop strategies that improve our state’s ecological and urban health.

Regenerating Essentials Goods and Services in Urban Landscapes: Sustainability Through Ecological Design

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Regenerating Essentials Goods and Services in Urban Landscapes: Sustainability Through Ecological Design. Routledge 2024.

Regenerating highlights many of the things that can be grown in urban/suburban landscapes that provide essential goods and services. This book includes ceremonial and craft items, energies, food, landscape materials, public health, self-care, thermal comfort, timber, and both greywater and stormwater capture.

Regenerating Essentials Goods and Services in Urban Landscapes: Sustainability Through Ecological Design

Routledge 2024

The book is organized around 10 broad categories of harvest and examines over 40 types of things that can be captured and/or grown in America’s urban landscapes.

Firescaping: Protecting your home with a fire-resistant landscape, 2nd

Wilderness Press 2019

Firescaping is the bestselling book on homesite fire protection in the U.S. This 2nd edition was revised for a national audience and prioritizes roads, structures, defensible space, outlying areas, and community obligations.

Foraging Southern California: 118 nutritious, tasty and abundant foods

Adventure Publications 2019

Winner of Best Nature Guidebook from the National Outdoor Book Awards, this fun filled guide is perfect for beginning and intermediate foragers. Along with protecting personal and ecological health, this book highlights the most abundant greens, berries, fruits, seeds, nuts, roots, sources of protein, and aquatic foods.

California Friendly: A maintenance guide for landscapers, gardeners and land managers


This book covers the essentials of maintaining a modern landscape. Irrigation, plant care, stormwater systems, rainwater capture, and managing surfaces are treated with clarity and enthusiasm.

Ocean Friendly Gardens: A how-to guide to help restore a healthy coast and ocean

Surfrider Foundation September 2009

Ocean Friendly is more than a book; it is a national educational program that has been successful in coastal communities throughout the U.S. and aboard. This book clearly illustrates the steps needed to create and maintain a landscape that slows, stops and/or cleans stormwater runoff.

Firescaping: Creating fire-resistant properties, landscapes, and gardens in California’s diverse environments

Wilderness Press 2005

Firescaping was the bestselling book on landscaping for fire protection in the Western U.S. This book covers all the particulars of designing and maintaining a landscape that will help protect a structure and its occupants from a conflagration.

A New Era of Gardening: A guide to gardening for oxygen and a healthier atmosphere

Garden Shed Productions 2001

A New Era is the nation’s first book on landscaping for a healthier atmosphere. It provides a model of sustainability based on the exchange of carbon and oxygen.  It was one of the Los Angeles Times’ best new gardening books in 2002.

A Guide to Your Natives

Newport / Mesa School District 1987

This guide was written for the students of the school district. It provides an overview of 13 native plant communities, the dominant plants of those communities, and Native Californian uses for the plants

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