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California Friendly®: A maintenance guide for landscapers, gardeners and land managers 

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California Friendly® is California’s future. Water reliability is dependent on using water wisely. We need to create sustainable gardens that rely on less water. This maintenance guide will help you support California’s future:

·      Uncover the secrets of efficient irrigation.

·      Explore the techniques for irrigating with recycled water.

·      Get the maintenance tips for hundreds of California Friendly® plants.

·      Discover the methods and means of managing weed and pest infestations.

·      Learn how to maintain rainwater capture opportunities.

This book has been written for every landscaper, gardener and land manager in Southern California. It has been produced by the very first collaboration between three Southern California organizations, LADWP, MWD and SoCalGas. Grab a copy—they are free—use the information in your garden and help us create a beautiful, thriving and sustainable future.


Firescaping: Creating Fire-resistant landscapes, gardens, and properties in California's diverse environments

Wilderness Press, 2005

    Considered the most flammable state in the US, California has a fire season that lasts eight months, with one in four residents as risk of encountering a wildfire. Since 1990, 53 lives and more than 12,000 structures have been lost in the State to wildfires, costing individuals, and local and state economies millions of dollars.

    Firescaping describes what type of properties and landscapes are higher-risk, how to make a home more accessible to firefighters, and what to do to minimize the chances of damage from a wildfire. It cover fire-resistant fencing and roofing materials, has tips on using water efficiency, gives best methods for effectivevagetation removal, and provides a comprehensive plant lists and maintenance calendars.

      Professionals from fire protection as well as landscape and architecture experts have contributed to Firescaping, to make it a complete and essential resource. Firescaping is a tool for landscape architects, landscapers, developers, community leaders, and groups concerned about fire protection.

California Natives
California Natives

   A Guide to Your Natives was written for the Environmental Nature Center, in Newport Beach (1998). The Center is an integral part of the Newport/Mesa School District and their natural history programs. The Guide describes the Center's 13 distinct plant communities, the plants commonly found in those communities, and the Native American uses for the various plants. While it was the Center's first guide, it has since been updated.


Ecological Land Management

Ecological Land Management: An overview of sustainable land management practices for urban and suburban areas
Currently under construction.
     This book provides an overview of fifteen different land management practices. Its goal is to improve ecological performance by allowing land managers the ability to weigh a variety of management options. From ecological restoration and Firescaping to attracting pollinators and Xeriscaping, Ecological Land Management provides a format from which measurable and meaningful decisions can be made. The book is currently being used to teach RS 414 and LA 602 at Cal Poly Pomona.

Ocean Friendly Gardens
Ocean Friendly Gardens

Ocean Friendly Gardens

The Surfrider Foundation, October 2009 

    The United States has a water problem, an oceans, rivers, and lakes problem. Our National treasures are polluted.

    More likely than not, the decline in aquatic health is caused by non-point source pollution, which is the aggregate effect of a community and the decisions they make. Homeowners and the gardens they maintain are a significant part of this non-point pollution -- yet they do not have to be.
     CPR will help those concerned about the Nation's waterways by teaching them how to eliminate or clean the water running off residential landscapes. This book offers practical design ideas, safe alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides; tips on increasing permeability and a comparison of surface materials; construction diagrams for retention basins; and less toxic alternatives for common household chemicals.

Gardening for Oxygen
Gardening for Oxygen

A New Era of Gardening: A book on gardening for oxygen and a healthier atmosphere

Garden Shed Productions, 2001 

    A New Era of Gardening is one of a kind: It is the first book on gardening for oxygen.

    This book proposes a model of sustainability based on the exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and energy. A New Era explains the processes of oxygen production, how easy it is to create a carbon-costly landscape, steps to create a beneficial landscape, and an audit that can be used to test a landscape.

    Over the last 150 years the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has leaped by 25% -- the effects of which are being felt around the world. There has never been a better time, or greater need to start gardening for oxygen.


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